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Rare collectible dolls that will make you smile.

Welcome to the Poupee Gallery’s newest website, Poupee Gallery 2.


Attention Poupee Owners, in case of the three D’s (downsizing, …), we will broker your dolls. Please email: for details.

This gallery features unique Poupee dolls widely known as French dolls. These one-of-a-kind hand crafted works of art, depicting a playful nature and painted. Each doll is signed by the artist. With fanciful headdresses and a myriad of exotic fabrics, no two dolls are alike. Rare collectable dolls by Poupee Millet, Isabelle, and Cerri’Art.

Poupee Gallery 2 combines with the original Poupee Gallery to create the largest collection of Poupee dolls. 

You can contact our Gallery by phone (see below) or send us an email (see below).  Prices are subject to change without notice, we try our very best to maintain accuracy. 

Enjoy browsing our pages! And, thank you for shopping at “PoupeeLand”.

Call 602 679-4219 for the price as there is only one and gone once sold.

Our-e-mail address is: