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About Shelly and our wonderful items at Poupee Gallery 2

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Shelly McDermott:  From Valentine's Day in 1990 to the present, I have been making people smile with hand picked, handmade items from headware to toeware.  Starting with "Oh! You Beautiful Doll", I interfaced collectible dolls to match the fashions.  Here, I found the Poupee's which have become my passion; putting people to Poupee (poo-pay) .  With years of searching for the best itemey clothing and accessories to incorporate into your existing wardrobe and the guaranteed gratitude gifts, I hope you will enjoy the website knowing with confidence that your customer service will always be a personal, priority one for me.  I thank the many customers who have remained with me over these 20 years and who have complimented me on my patience and help.  I can only assure you that it is with pleasure that I continue with "Things to Make You Smile" in our new on-line website. Keep us bookmarked for more "Shelly's Finds" 

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Poupée Millet: Are truly unique works of art. Each one is individually handcrafted and hand sewn. With fanciful headdresses and a myriad of exotic fabrics, no two dolls are alike. In 1983 the "Poupée Millet" studio opened in Paris, France, with two artists: Serge Chichportich, born in Paris, France, and Pablo Parés, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Of the two original artists, Serge is the only one still creating the original Poupée Millet. Each one is signed by the artist.


Poupées by Isabelle:   The artist Isabelle, designs each individual Poupée doll and accessory. Isabelle was born in Paris, France in 1964, and began playing with dolls at an early age. She then moved to New York at the age of 22 and turned her obsession into a business by selling her individually designed dolls and accessories. Now you can own these colorful and exotic Poupées right here at this website.  (Because Poupées are individual works of art, the Head & Fabric may vary slightly).

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Cerri'Art Collectibles: Born in 1986, this workmanship has remained an original expression of the Paris handicraft.  Each Poupee is shaped and decorated according to the artisan’s inspiration, then selects the fabric to match.  Thanks to their flexible bodies, these dolls adopt all kinds of poses, even the most unexpected.  Far from being inert objects d'art, they are truly living creatures beaming with fantasy, cheerfulness, and humor.